Saurabh Datar

Developer journalist

Hello, I’m a news applications developer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. My work has also appeared in the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News.

I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in data-driven journalism in 2016. Before that, I worked as a journalist in India, where I led my news organization’s first data journalism projects.

I use code and data to tell compelling stories. I am also interested in using computational methods for journalism. Want to know more? Here is my résumé.

Find me at:

Data stories and web apps

Doctors and Sex Abuse

I helped build a custom website for a year-long investigation into how doctors in the U.S. sexually abuse patients. I also created report cards for how each state protects the patients of sexual abuse by doctors.

Ultimate Atlanta School Guide

An Angular 2 web app that allows parents in Georgia to find information on public schools, their test scores, safety ratings, teacher history and more. I also built the Rails-based API that feeds the app from the AJC’s data warehouse.

How Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District voted

I wrote screen scrapers using Selenium to fetch live results from the Secretary of State’s website for the hard-fought 2017 runoff election between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff, and produced a real-time Leaflet map.

Georgia Campaign Finance Tracker

A web app written in Backbone + Marionette to track the money flowing into the 2016 federal elections.

Can you turn Georgia blue?

I analyzed AJC poll numbers in October 2016 and turned it into an interactive feature for readers to let them answer the question: what would take to flip Georgia i.e. make it a Democrat state? Built with D3.js.

Families gain most from legal immigration

In light of a bill to curb legal immigration to the U.S. as a way to protect American jobs, I analyzed data from the Department of Homeland Security and found that family members were the biggest beneficiaries of legal immigration, and not job seekers.

Where Matt Ryan threw his passes

Leading up to the 2017 Super Bowl, I made an interactive tour of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan’s passes and key moments of the 2016-17 season.

Which are Georgia’s winning industries?

I dove deep into employment data and try to answer the question: how has U.S. policy, especially trade policy, affected jobs in Georgia over the last two decades or so?

What do we know about Dreamers in Georgia

A data story about the beneficiaries of the DACA program, an Obama-era initiative to prevent deportation of children who were brought into the U.S. by their parents.

Open-source projects

Crime in India

I took India’s dense, 600-page annual crime reports, parsed the data and built an interactive website using Frozen Flask. I believe it's the only website that allows you to track crimes in over 50 cities in India. I even found a mistake in the way the data was recorded — rates for crimes against women were calculated using total population. I wrote cleaning scripts in Pandas to correct this error. The code is on Github.

Open Elections

I am a contributor to the Open Elections project, an open source project that aims to provide processed election results. I wrote Python scripts to download result files for Georgia and New Jersey, clean them, and produce clean CSV files for public use. The code is on Github.


Mountain View residents push for rent control

San Jose Mercury News Six cities in the Bay Area pushed for rent control in 2016. Mountain View, the home of Google, was one of them.

Tenants in San Francisco’s Mission, Sunset neighborhoods get most eviction notices

San Francisco Chronicle A data story on which neighborhoods in San Francisco are the most vulnerable to evictions.

A hub of Olympic talent

SF Gate A table tennis center run by the Indian community in the Bay Area is an incubator for the U.S. Olympic team.

Gold in the gutters

Mid-day Deep in the bullion market of Mumbai, these hunters find gold in its drains and dirt.

From the farms of India to the FIFA World Cup 2014

Mid-day A boy from the farmer suicide belt of India goes to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.